Friday, June 21, 2019

Soda Fountain

Can I learn everything I need to know in time?
I feel it slipping away, running through my fingers
All the while I see the answers they must be right there 
just slightly beyond my reach

It's right there, I know it's right there
It has to be or else.... I'm wrong again

Start over from scratch, this path is well worn
But the time has gone, it doesn't reset
You get no free refill if you've left the store
Pay for a new drink or get the fuck out

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Poetry, Ok

I would love to tell her how I feel
And make her laugh
She will think I'm amazing
And way too good-looking to be true
I will look at her boobs too much
She will laugh demurely when she notices
And slyly give me the "Go" sign to continue

She'll ask how I could do it
Love her in the way she wants
Yet leave her when she needed me, when we were young
I'll tell her the truth, how I could not stay
To watch her love another
When I felt as though I was betrayed

But now today I step to the plate
And hope to see her face
When I turn the bat against fate
Then again, for her, I can wait